Newman, Hesse & Associates, P.A.


The law firm of Newman, Hesse & Associates, P.A. (hereinafter, NHA) was first established in 1986. Since then, it has focused its efforts on successfully providing a full range of Creditor Asset Protection and Collection Services to: Merchants; Land-Lords; Credit institutions; Wholesale and Retail goods and service providers; Municipal Courts; State agencies; and under the Medicaid Recovery Program.

These collection efforts include but are not limited to: Initial debt verification investigations; Written demands for payment; Attempts to assist debtors in optional financing; Filing of petitions in the court of competent jurisdiction; Carrying out pre-judgment discovery, motions, settlement offers and trials; Attaining Judgment against the debtor; Executing the Judgment through post judgment motions, aids, citations, bench warrants, garnishments, voluntary and involuntary payment plans, and voluntary and involuntary probate actions.

NRA is located in Topeka, Kansas. It also has representation service agreements with noted collection attorneys throughout the State of Kansas and Western Missouri. Armed with this representation capability, it provides Municipal, State, School District, Individual, Retail and Commercial collection services throughout the State of Kansas.

Over the Twenty five (25) years of its collection experience, NHA has maintained continuous and significant growth in its client count because of its proven success in the area of Landlord Tenant Law, Insurance Subrogation, Retail and Government Collections, Civil Prosecution of Worthless Checks and Probate actions in furtherance of reimbursement under the State Medicaid Recovery Program.

The firm’s association with the Kansas Collection Attorney Association, American Collectors Association and Nationwide collection organizations., as well as its contracts with experienced, well respected local attorneys in the less populated counties in Kansas, allow it to provide an unparalleled level of legal collection services throughout the State of Kansas.

Its attorney trained and supervised, collection call center provides the Client more immediate and economical access to Judgment Debtor information, in order to update data on available garnishable assets or to set up timely collection payment plans.

NHA's collection of insurance subrogation accounts, worthless checks and its collection of Kansas Municipal and District Court debts is especially meaningful to insurance providers, merchants and government agencies because it provides those collection services at no cost to its creditor clients. This is possible due to Kansas Law (K.S.A. 60-2006; 60-2610; 75-719 and K.S.A. 12-4119) which provides that the Judgment debtor is responsible for all collection costs, including filing fees, service fees, Supreme Court Surcharges, attorney fees and other costs of collection.

NHA Prides Itself On Being A Contingency Based Law Firm. If NHA Fails To Collect On Any Debt Owed To Its Client, NHA Does Not Get Paid For Its Efforts To Collect That Debt.