The law firm of Newman, Hesse & Associates, P.A. (NHA) has provided a full range of Probate, Business, Government and Consumer Collection Services since 1986.  It has also long specialized in the Civil Prosecution and Collection of Consumer Debt and Worthless Checks.

NHA has experienced continuous and significant growth in its client count because of its proven success in representing The State of Kansas; Kansas Municipalities; Utility Companies; Medical Facilities and their Billing Service Providers; Apartment Complexes (re: Landlord - Tenant law); Automobile Insurance Companies (re: Subrogation Reimbursement);  Consumer Creditors; and Merchants of all sizes  

NHA's attorney trained and supervised, collection call center provides the Judgment Creditor more immediate and economical access to Judgment Debtor information, in order to update data on available garnishable assets or to set up reasonable collection payment plans. 

An optional Web remote access provides NHA's clients a status and history review of that client's accounts on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis.  This results in immediate claim information on demand.

NHA is a "contingency" service law firm.  If NRH fails to collect on any claim, it does not get paid for its efforts on that claim beyond reimbursement for any costs actually incurred by NHA, in its prosecution of the claim.  If the Client desires, hourly billed services are also available at $185.00 per hour, plus cost reimbursement.